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Crime and Enforcing Law & Order in Baltimore County

Over the years in Baltimore County, I’ve seen our communities decline. Crime, drugs, and theft are running rampant and seem to be the norm these days. Needles are lying in our alleys. Juveniles are fighting in our malls. Small business owners are forced to guard and protect their property.

Neighborhood theft is common. You can’t leave simple things like a shovel in your own yard overnight, in some neighborhoods, because it will be gone the next morning. As a citizen of Baltimore County, this frustrates me. Baltimore County is becoming Baltimore City. 

We need a change! We need a Big change! I feel that those in office right now are not doing what they should be doing and as long as they remain in office, things are not going to get better. 

That’s why I’m running for Baltimore County Executive. As your County Executive I will push for stricter penalties on crime and will fully support our Police and enable them to their jobs effectively. 

Full Funding and Support For Baltimore County Police

Our Police have been attacked continually by a narrative-controlling media and radical politicians. The morale of our Policemen and women has declined drastically. In many instances they have been restricted in doing their job. 

Supporting our Police will give them the confidence to do their job. Our Police are shorthanded and they need more help to be successful. I feel it is vital to fully fund our Police and I will fill the vacancies in our Police Departments. My plan is to expand the duties of our Sherriff’s Department. 

I will replace Baltimore County Police school resource officers with Sheriff Deputies. I will put the “former” Baltimore County Police school resource officers on the streets and allow the Sheriff’s Deputies to work the schools. This will put more “boots on the ground.” 

I will give whatever our Police need. Equipment, more domestic or mental health training, more communication devices, better management, better fitness measures, or whatever is possible to make their jobs safer and the public safer.

The Opioid Crisis Escalates Crime in Baltimore County

With deaths on the rise from opioids across the nation, according to an article in “The Avenue News” from December 2021, Baltimore County is continually in second place only to Baltimore City for the most overdose opioid deaths in Maryland. The highest concentration of these deaths occur in Essex, Dundalk, Middle River and Parkville. 

One of the biggest problems in Maryland is not the use of prescribed opioids, but is the recreational use Fentanyl. Maryland has seen a significant increase in fentanyl deaths over the years, mostly in teenagers. The fentanyl crisis continues to rise in Maryland and Baltimore County. I intend to put a stop to this in our county. One does not have to have an addiction to Fentanyl to die from it. Fentanyl is more dangerous and potent than other opioids.

I believe if we cut this fentanyl and opioid problem by half, we also cut crimes in half. We need to be more effective against opioids by putting more focus and funding in the Drug Enforcement Task Force. I also would ask legislators to pass laws doubling the penalties on opioid dealers. We need to crack down on crime! “A Vote For Me Is A Vote Against Crime!!!”

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