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Baltimore County Schools and Education

I do not support Critical Race Theory and I don’t support pushing gender identity on children. Our tax money should follow the child, not the other way around. I think parents should know the curriculum and decide what is best for their children. 

I also am a big supporter of school vouchers and school choice. This will ease overcrowding in our public schools. Teachers must have smaller classes. Having smaller classes will help learning, and limit student bullying and abuse. Education and family involvement are two very important qualities to me.

Overcrowded Schools in Our Local Area

I attended a meeting at Patapsco High School about overcrowded schools in our area. The parents of Sparrows Point spoke with heart and said they do not want their children bussed out of the Sparrows Point area. I support the parents in our community and want the children to stay safe near home. 

The Sparrows Point/Edgemere community has always been a family-oriented town. I know, I live here. Whatever the parents decide on, I will follow through with their decision as County Executive.

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Stand with Me - I will Stand with You

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